YESorNO, the decentralized micro-betting application arrives on the Blockchain!

After having deployed our centralized application in beta test with a virtual currency for more than a year, YESorNO is today: more than 100,000 members, more than 21 million bets made, an application that was in the top 10 apps on IOS and Android rated 4.7/5 with more than 4,400 ratings.

Convinced of the potential of blockchain technology and the interest of decentralization within the betting market, we announce the creation of our $YON token and the upcoming launch of our ICO (Token Sale) to develop our decentralized application.

Small focus on the betting market

The online gambling market is growing at an incredible rate, reaching over 150 billion dollars in 2020. Betting is THE leader in the gaming industry with nearly 40% of the market share.

Since 2012, annual spending per consumer has increased by an average of 200% according to ©Statista!

The decentralized online betting market or “crypto betting” is just starting! It is expected that before 2028, decentralized betting will catch up with traditional players.

Thus, in less than 10 years, crypto betting should reach the same turnover as traditional betting.

Less opaque, more transparent and users rewarded with tokens for their bets and involvement on the platform are all assets that can very quickly overturn the traditional market.

YESorNO is positioning itself as an avant-gardist in this sector and intends to conquer the majority of this new market!

YoN’s playground: unlimited potential!

At the precise intersection between mobile gaming, traditional betting games and decentralized betting games lies an almost virgin market. YESorNO intends to establish itself in the long term.

The most profitable consumers in the betting industry are identified as predominantly 18–35 year olds, betting small amounts but frequently.

In order to target these players, YoN has developed an application with a UX adapted to the new consumer habits, very simple to use (YES or No as answer only) and ergonomic, where everyone can bet small and large amounts. Moreover, we have favored a “micro-betting” approach, with bets that cannot exceed 6 hours (except in exceptional cases), allowing the user to bet very frequently and to stay on the application over time.

Unlike traditional betting, the distribution of profits is high and bonuses are allocated to participants. Moreover, the bets will not be restricted and only the inventiveness of the betting creators will be the limit. Everything is possible: betting with friends, soccer, E-Sports, TV shows, stars’ lives, Crypto the creativity is endless! Sports will be just one of the many topics that members will bet on.

YESorNO’s solution & vision

Thanks to the blockchain, the community will be able to validate the quality of bets and answers. Each user will be part of the global community, and will be at the center of their own community of friends on the platform! Finally, only 2 answers are possible for each bet: YES or NO

Example: Will Bitcoin be at 40 000$ on monday?


When the bets are redistributed, 90% of the YoN will go to the winners of the bet, 2% to the creator of the bet, 2% to the validators of the bet, 5% of the YoN will go as commissions and 1% of the YoN will be burned.

The ambition is clearly stated! To become the pioneer and future leader of the decentralized betting industry.

In addition, initially 27M $YoN tokens will be distributed per month, regardless of the number of users or shares on the platform. Betting creators, participants and any type of action performed on the platform will be rewarded! This figure will be reduced by 2 after 4 years and so on, just like Bitcoin’s Halving Day. In addition, up to 40% of advertising profits will be redistributed to YON token holders. You can find all these details in our Whitepaper here >

The team we want to bet on

Gilles Feingold, the founder and CEO of YON started his career with the launch of the first energy drink in France, a company that was sold to a world leader in food. Today, he is a proven entrepreneur who has created and sold several companies until the creation of YESorNO. Pierre Klein, co-founder, led Betclic to become the market leader in France, reaching 70% market share while spending only 15% of the marketing investment of all players. “It was about having a strong vision combined with a laser-cut targeting and acquisition strategy. We will do even better with YESorNO” says the former CMO of Betclic France.

Also involved in the project are Jonathan Oleszkiewicz, CTO and Jimmy Batifol-Oliverio, Founding Member of the NEM Foundation and blockchain project manager at YESorNO, Quentin Herbrecht, CEO of Markchain, the marketing agency specializing in the crypto industry that has accompanied many successful ICO/IDO. Quentin is also CMO at YON.

We can also mention some of our advisors, such as Simon Corsin, former developer at Twitter and currently lead developer at Snapchat, Olivier Sichel, CEO of the “Caisse des Dépôts” or Philippe Gardent, former world champion of the French Handball team. We invite you to consult the whole team directly on our website. We will present the members, their experience and their involvement in the project in different articles very soon!

Finally, the YoN team dreams of inventing a new type of communication for all, through social betting on all kinds of subjects.

Our ICO is now open (13/09/2021)

Life is a bet ?


With YoN, betting has never been so easy, fun, social, decentralized and rewarding